Our Coffee

At Beankind we feel variety is key to appeal to all our discerning coffee drinkers. Each coffee has been specially selected by us for their unique flavours and aromas, from the South American exotics to the Eastern delights, we've got it covered.


Named Heritage in celebration of our rich history and all things Moray, it seemed only fitting that we should use a coffee in this blend from where it all began. Harvested from the wilds, Ethiopia was the first to consume coffee but as a fruit rather than a beverage.

Harbour Roast

Harbour Roast is our blend of coffees from South America and Indonesia. Three coffees that we felt compliment each other very well. A well-balanced coffee to be enjoyed any time of the day.


Old Brown Java (SOLD OUT)

Old Java's distinctive taste is achieved through a unique ageing process of the beans which can take up to 5 years giving this coffee its unique full-bodied taste.

(Organic,RFA) Indonesia, Java (SOLD OUT)

The Ijen Plateau on the island of Java - with its lush forests and fertile land - is perfect for growing exquisite, high altitude Arabica coffee. Java coffee is known everywhere for its high quality, earthy taste, and distinct aroma.

Cuban, Serrano

Cuban, Serrano

Naturally organic Serrano coffees are shade grown and cultivated under the forest canopy of the Sierra Maestra mountain range. The coffee beans mature slowly, which means they retain a high level of natural sugars and develop a rich, velvety taste.


Costa Rica, Verenera

Rich soils, high altitudes, and unique growing regions contribute to a popular and sought-after coffee cup profile. All these factors have allowed the country to achieve the reputation of producing some of the best coffee in Central America.


Sumatra Lintong, Lake Toba

Many of the islands of Indonesia were formed by volcanoes and therefore have rich soil that is ideal for growing coffee. It is no wonder that some of the world’s most famous coffees are grown on the islands of the Malay Archipelago of Indonesia

Brazil, Oberon

Brazil, Oberon

Oberon is the perfect blend of the three main characteristics found in coffee, acidity, body and sweetness. Altogether this makes a wonderful well-balanced coffee. 

(RFA) Decaf Blend

Our Decaf blend is made up from 2 very unique coffees from Central America. For those who wish to experience the great taste of a specialty coffee but without the caffeine. Also, a great one for the evening, knowing you can have a coffee and still get to sleep at night. 


Ethiopian, Yirgacheffe

Ethiopia is commonly recognised as the birthplace of coffee. The Limu region of Ethiopia is renowned for its good cup, sweet, spicy/winey flavour and balanced body.

Decaf 50/50

Decaf 50/50

For the caffeine conscious or those who require just a little pick-me-up, why not create your own blend by combining our fabulous CO2 process decaf with a single origin coffee of your choice.