Cuban, Serrano


Region: Serrano

Altitude: 1000 -1200 m above sea level

An exquisite, full-bodied coffee.

Enjoy the smoothness of this robust coffee, naturally sweet & nutty on the palate.

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According to historians, coffee beans were introduced in the mid-1700’s by Antonio Gelabert. He created the first Cuban coffee plantation on the outskirts of Havana.
In 1791, the French, who were fleeing Haiti brought their methods to improve the production of coffee to Cuba. 
Cuban coffees are shade grown and cultivated under the forest canopy of the Sierra Maestra mountain range. It is said that the taste of shade-grown coffee is superior because it comes from high up on the mountain slopes and is grown in fine deep soil, rich in humus, without the use of chemical products. The coffee beans mature slowly, which means they retain a high level of natural sugars and develop a rich, velvety taste.


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