Decaf Blend


Region: El Salvador, Finca El Portezuelo & Nicaragua, Hacienda Sajonia

Altitude:  1280-1580 m above sea level

A light-bodied, smooth coffee.

Enjoy this punchy blend with sweet notes of stone fruits, without the caffeine. 


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El Salvador

Situated among the Ilamatepec Mountain Range in western El Salvador, Finca Portezuelo is an active coffee farm growing specialty coffee. The farm is also a nature reserve that supports ecotourism and has the most breathtaking views. Rich drinkable spring water is abundant at the slopes of El Portezuelo, contributing to a clean cup in this washed coffee. Doña Elsa Luz Avila de Alfaro, youngest sister of the Avila Magaña family, proudly follows the tradition of her ancestors by practicing environmental management in the growth of Bourbon coffee nurtured by the shade of “Inga” trees.


Hacienda Sajonia is located in the beautiful El Diablo – Datanli nature reserve high up in the relatively cool, cloud forest clad mountains  in northern Nicaragua. It is run by two English brothers, Tom and Matt Hills, who arrived in Nicaragua in 2010.  The journey to the farm is just a three-hour drive northeast from the capital, Managua, placing it right in the middle of Nicaragua’s premier coffee growing region.
Hacienda Sajonia covers an area of 640 manzanas (c.1,040 acres), of which over half is primeval rainforest, home to an incredible array of flora and fauna.

The beans are blended prior to roasting and are decaffeinated using the  Carbonated Water Method.



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