Ethiopia, Limu.


Region:   Limu, Southwest Ethiopia

Altitude:  1,100-1,800 m above sea level

A well-balanced, medium-bodied coffee.

Enjoy this bright, aromatic cup with floral and citrus notes, unique to African coffee.


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Our certified Ethiopian coffee comes from a farmer group called Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU), which was founded in June 1999. OCFCU is a union of 34 small cooperatives benefiting from 22,000 smallholder farmer members. This variety is classed as Small Farm/Cottage Coffee and is shade grown. Limu coffee is renowned for its good cup, sweet, spicy/winey flavor and balanced body and is therefore sought after by many. Washed Limu coffee is one of the premium gourmet coffees in the world.

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