Harbour Roast


Harbour Roast is a blend of coffees from South America and Indonesia

Our little ‘Jewel of the North’

A full-bodied, medium roast coffee.

Enjoy this well-balanced blend with chocolate notes & a hint of spice.






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Harbour Roast has been blended by us to produce this delicious coffee. We roast the beans in such a way to enable some of the caramelisation to begin, allowing sweet and nutty undertones to develop without the bitterness. This coffee makes a medium bodied espresso, great on its own and carries milk very well for your favorite tall drink. A great coffee to be enjoyed at any time of day. A very popular choice amongst cafe owners.

Due to seasonal variations, our ingredients may change slightly throughout the year but we will always substitute with similar coffees to maintain the distinct flavour that comes from our Harbour Roast.


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