Q & A

Q. Can I have my beans ground?

A. Of course, at no extra cost. Just choose the best option that suits you from the dropdown box when placing your order and we will do the rest.

We do believe the best way to enjoy specialty coffee is to grind it just before you use it and a good burr grinder can be purchased at very reasonable costs these days for the home user, however we do appreciate this is not for everyone and that’s why we will grind it for you if required.


Q. Is there something wrong with my coffee if I can’t taste the same tasting notes as described?

A. The descriptions we give for tasting notes are our opinion and as a guide only, discovered through our cupping process after roasting. We cannot guarantee that the descriptions given will be interpreted in the same way by everyone as taste is very individual and personal to each of us. Your taste buds will know when a coffee is a complete pleasure to drink!


Q. What if I’m not in for delivery?

A. For orders of 1 x 250 g bags we will always send through our convenient letter-box service, this ensures prompt delivery through your door ready for you to enjoy as soon as you get home. Please note, this delivery method usually posts through most letterboxes however for those with more unusual proportioned letterboxes then this delivery service may not apply to you. Royal Mail will always leave a card to say they have tried to deliver and will offer you an alternative method of reclaiming your order.


Q. I live locally, can I pick up my order?

A. Absolutely. Orders can be collected from our roastery, just select pick-up at the shipping stage and we will email you when your freshly roasted coffee is ready to collect and arrangements for a time of collection can be made. All that we ask is for you to make yourself available for collection within 7 days of the collection ready date to ensure maximum freshness of your coffee.


Q. I can buy coffee from my local supermarket, what makes yours different?

A. When coffee beans are in their raw state (green beans) they can last for up to a year, maybe more…in the right ambient temperatures, however it is when they are roasted that they deteriorate at a faster pace. Our beans are kept in their raw state and only roasted to order, in small batches. Each coffee is roasted using its own unique profile as discovered by ourselves through plenty of experimentation, which allows us to extract their own unique flavours and aromas. Our coffees are then cupped on a weekly basis to look for continuity in flavour, aroma and mouthfeel thus allowing us full quality control of each roast that leaves our roastery. It is this quality and care that we feel sets us aside from the mass-producing commodity coffee roasters.


We value all our customers and as part of our commitment to you, not only do we want to offer a great brew, we want to offer a level of customer service to match so please feel free to get in touch and let us know what you think of our coffee or even just a friendly chat…we look forward to hearing from you!